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Some of the adult program participants  volunteered at the sale, where they were able to practice some vocational skills like stocking, customer service, money handling, and more. Inclusive events like these are great for bringing our Lorain County community closer together and fostering self-advocacy by our program participants.

Mission Statement

Provide a positive selling and shopping experience while encouraging community building and compassion for local charities.

What People Are Saying

"Your turn consignment sales are a great place to sell my outgrown items. They are great to work with, everything is organized and easy to participate. I have done so much better in these sales than running my own garage sale and for far less work!"

 Randi C.


"I am so happy to make a little money and help people out!  I really appreciate the full service tagger option."  

  Melissa J.
Avon, OH

"Excited that you are accepting junior and teen clothes as well this year!"

Eva G.

Amherst, OH

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