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Seeking Non-Profit Charities to be Donation Recipients

One of my favorite characteristics of Northeast Ohio people is their generosity. Your Turn consignors have the option of donating any unsold items to local non-profit organizations that serve people in need. While our priority is to sell as many items as possible for our consignors, inevitably, items will be left on the sales floor. These will be divided up and given to local charities.

Your organization is invited to receive these donations.  For a mutually beneficial arrangement, there are a few guidelines in place:

  • Inclusion of the event with a link to Your Turn Consignment website from your organization’s social media platforms. In return, your organization will be highlighted on our website, Facebook page, and in our newsletter. 

  • Your organization could have a display table or signage at the sale (space permitting), or a brochure included in our consignor welcome packet.

  • The organization must commit to picking up donated items the day the sale ends, as we do not have the resources to store inventory.

  • Each organization provides volunteers to help for a 3 hour shift. Shifts are scheduled online and can be broken up with multiple helpers and multiple days.  It is probably easiest to schedule these shifts on the last day of the sale to coordinate with donation pickup.  


Hosting an event this size requires many helping hands!  If your organization is interested fill out the form below.  We look forward to working together to assist those in need in Northeast Ohio.  

Thank you!

Donation Recipients

Please use this form to apply to receive donated items from Your Turn Consignment Sale, LLC.

Do you have transportation to pick up donated items after the sale?

Thanks for submitting!

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