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Dollar Notes

What Can You Sell?
                              What Can You Buy?

Tips About Pricing Items


Pricing items can be a bit puzzling at first.  The standard guideline is to mark an item between 25% and 40% of retail price.  Try to keep the buyer in mind by asking yourself, “What would I pay to get this bargain?”  All pricing starts at $2.00 and increases in $.50 increments.  Items can be grouped together to be priced higher (such as balls, socks, gloves, etc.)


Items NOT accepted to sell:

Stuffed Animals

Underwear - unless NEW in packaging

Cribs made before 2012

Car seats made before 2018

Booster seats made before 2015

ANY car seat or booster seat that has been in an accident (must sign a waiver to sell)

Out of style items

Items torn, stained, missing buttons, broken zippers or foul order

Bean Bags

List of Accepted Items for Spring/Summer Sale:



This is only a brief overview of the categories of items we are accepting.  All items are priced at a minimum of $2.00 and increase by $0.50 increments.  Group items together if a single item is not worth $2.00 by itself.  Keep in mind, there will be a lot of items for shoppers to choose from.  You want to price your items competitively to SELL.     


 If you have questions or are unsure how to categorize an item, please contact us directly:


Items must be compliant with all safety guidelines and not under a recall.  Check here to check for recalled items.




Baby equipment: cribs (we do NOT SELL ANY CRIBS MADE BEFORE 2012 unless they are sold as a toddler bed);

Check for Recalled items:






Bicycles and riding toys

Books, CDs and DVDs

Nursing Supplies

Car Seats: MUST BE COMPLIANT!  We will not accept recalled infant seats or car seats older than 5 years.  We will not accept booster seats older than 8 years. Only bring car seats to sell that have NOT been in a car accident.  Check the Consumer Product Safety Commission website for recalled car seats and other items:

Clothing (No undergarments unless in unopened packages or with tags still attached.)School uniforms and spirit wear ARE accepted.

Christening outfits and formal wear


Computer Games and Consoles

Costumes and Dress up clothes

Craft Kits and Supplies


Gymnastics & Dancewear


Decor for Nursery or Kids Room


Toddler & Child Feeding/Kitchen



Games, Toys and Puzzles: MUST HAVE ALL PARTS AND PIECES. NO STUFFED ANIMALS. Replace batteries and toys MUST be in working order.  


Maternity Wear: Each consignor is limited to 25 maternity items.  Maternity jeans and dresses are big sellers.


Miscellaneous:  items relevant to the sale but hard to categorize.


Outdoor Toys: Overly large items must be pre-approved!  Send pictures to 

Strollers & Wagon

NEW for Spring/Summer: accepting tween, teen and
women's clothing, shoes and accessories.  

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