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Too Busy to Tag? 
We Have You Covered!

Consignor Concierge

You desperately want to get outgrown cleats, unused tennis rackets, and the too-small bikes out of your house, but you simply do not have the time to prepare or tag your items.  We can help!

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Voice to Tag

Use your phone or laptop to speak your item descriptions into the active inventory list.   This feature is available under the menu for Active Inventory when you log into your consignor account.  You will still need to enter category and size manually.   A helpful video to demonstrate is coming soon.


Tagging ASsistant

  • Register for the sale and obtain a consignor number.

  • Prepare your items to sell (clothes laundered, replace batteries, clean items, make sure no parts are missing) Enter items in Active Inventory. 

  • Place items in a sturdy box or tote (approximately 40 items per tote) with your consignor number and last name written in large print on the sides.

  •    For an additional cost paid upfront for materials and a return of 50% of your sales, a member of our team will print your tags, attach them to your items, and place them on the sales floor. 

  • The additional fee is for materials and time.  50 items minimum, 350 maximum.  Spaces are limited.  Email Bridget for a sliding fee scale to reserve your tagger.  Deadline to reserve a tagger is Wednesday, July 6, 2022.  

Donation Boxes

Full Service Tagger

  • Register for the sale and obtain a consignor number. 

  • Gather all of your items and place them in a sturdy box or tote - approximately 40 items in each.  Items MUST be clean (laundered) and acceptable for sale.  Write your consignor number and last name in large print with a sharpie marker on the sides of the tote. 

  •  For an additional cost paid upfront for materials and a return of 35% of your sales


  •  prepare your items for sale (group outfits, pin to hangers, stage equipment, replace batteries, etc.)

  • Enter items under your consignor number.  They will use their expertise to price items so that you  receive the highest return when it sells.

  • Tag your items

  • Place your items on the sales floor

  • Any large items can be dropped off during the drop off slots

  • 50 item minimum, 350 maximum. Initial upfront cost is for materials and based on the number of items.

  • The deadline for reserving this service is Monday, July 11, 2022

  • Email Bridget for a fee schedule and to reserve your tagger.

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