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Dollar Bills


Earn up to 80% of Your Sales

     An event like this takes many helping hands.  Join the YTC Crew and we'll make it worth your time! 

We now offer the option of 2 or 3 hour shifts!  Two hour shifts earn 3% added to your sales total.  Three hours shifts earn 5% added to your sales total.  

Included with every shift you take during the event: 

  • special access to the PreSale to shop early,

  • first look at all the items on the sales floor,

  • meet new people and make new friends 

  • part of a happy, helpful crew!

Examples of tasks during the sale:

Set Up: Help set up tables, racks, signage, loading area, check out, and general flow of the area. 


Consignor Check-in: Greet the consignor and help them bring their items to the check-in table.  Do a quality check of items and help direct them on the sales floor to the appropriate areas marked with signage.


Greeters: Welcome customers to the sale and point out restrooms, etc.  Check all strollers, carts, or wagons at the entrance and exit.  Monitor lines of people prior to opening. 


Missing Tag Table:  Help match up loose tags with items that have lost a tag and return to the sales floor. Also, manage lost and found items.


Large Item Loading: Assist customers with loading large or bulky items.  Manage sales tickets of large items.


Floor Runners/Extra Eyes:  Walk through the sales area and reorganize racks and table items if needed.  Help consolidate areas as the sale progresses.  Check-in with customers to assist them.  Be on the lookout for shoplifters and inform the Sale Owner.  Return items to the sales floor if customers changed their mind.


Check out/Baggers: Scan barcodes and run the register. Must have some knowledge of computers and registers.  Bag the customer’s purchases.


Sorter/Break Down: Sort unsold items to donate or return to consignor bins.  Break down tables, racks, signage, etc.  Help load donated items with Charity Partners.  Collect trash and make sure the sales floor is cleared out.  


Check out: Help consignors find their totes and assist with pick up if needed.  

Sign-ups for shifts will open on August 1, 2023.   Sign up through your consignor login portal.


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