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Tips for Pricing Items

  1.     Pricing items can be a bit puzzling at first.  The standard guideline is to mark an item between 25% and 40% of the retail price.  Try to keep the buyer in mind by asking yourself, “What would I pay to get this bargain?”  Shoppers can check retail prices on their phones.  Smart shoppers will know a good deal when they see one!

  2.     Pricing is completely up to you.  If you price something a little higher than average, make sure you include a description such as new, never worn, worn once, and the brand name.

  3.     Your items will sell faster if they are clean -  without stains, rips, tears or foul odors.  Remove any pet hair.  Make sure games and puzzles have all the pieces.  Wipe down strollers, playpens, high chairs, etc.  

  4. You keep 100% of your profits!!!!  Items should be clearly marked with price tags. Another option is to make a sign detailing pricing for categories or having totes with specific sizes and pricing.


  Making sure your items are prepared well increases the chances they will sell fast.

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