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Tips for Pricing Items

  1.     Pricing items can be a bit puzzling at first.  The standard guideline is to mark an item between 25% and 40% of the retail price.  Try to keep the buyer in mind by asking yourself, “What would I pay to get this bargain?”  Shoppers can check retail prices on their phones.  Smart shoppers will know a good deal when they see one! 

  2.     All pricing starts at $2.00 and increases in $.50 increments.  Items can be grouped together to be priced higher (such as shinguards, baseball pants, tennis balls, golf clubs, etc.) 

  3.       All items will be discounted HALF PRICE on the last day of the sale.  It is better to receive 50% and get rid of unneeded items.  The goal is to get money in your pocket and clear out your closets, garages, basements and sheds!! 

  4.     Go ahead and take advantage of the donation option to receive an added bonus of a detailed tax deduction receipt.  

  5.     Pricing is completely up to you.  If you price something a little higher than average, make sure you include a description such as new, never worn, worn once, and the brand name.

  6.     To make the most of the description section on the tag you can use abbreviations for common phrases:  One Size (OS), Never Worn (NW), Never Used (NU), Boys (B), Girls (G), Unisex (U), etc. 

  7.      If you have a large or expensive item you definitely do not want to be discounted, please send an email to describe and we'll try to work with you.


If items are not tagged correctly, they will NOT be accepted.  Making sure your items are prepared well increases the chances they will sell fast.

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